Yotel Expands Into Branded Residences With an Extended Stay Element

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Yotel, the hotel company known for its compact rooms and its penchant for a high-tech guest experience, is bringing its expertise to a new sector: branded residences that will be marketed for extended stay travel.

Yotel CEO Hubert Viriot has long sought to create an entity such as YotelPad, which might be considered a hybrid of an Airbnb and an old-school hotel. He sees YotelPad as a solution for travelers who need a stay that’s longer than two or three nights.

“It’s a natural extension for our brand,” Viriot told Skift. “We’ve been very focused on very short stays for the past four years, with YotelAir at airports and with Yotel in cities. They specialize in two to three night stays maximum, and they’re designed for busy travelers looking for efficiency and being on the move, jumping form one city to the other.”

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Source: Skift