L'OMT publie un guide méthodologique pour mesurer les emplois dans l'industrie touristique

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Guide OMTL’ouvrage qui porte le titre Mesure de l'emploi dans les industries du tourisme - Guide des meilleures pratiques, fourni des exemples des meilleures pratiques de mesure de l'emploi en tourisme dans des pays qui se sont dotés d'indicateurs de l'emploi performants. Consultez le guide.

«The facts and findings presented in this guide confirm that employment in tourism and the economic value of tourism in terms of employment remain inadequately measured and insufficiently studied. Employment in the tourism industries needs to be measured and described in a more consistent way supported by proper statistical instruments developed on international tools and enhanced through international cooperation. This guide provides some examples of best practices of measuring employment in the tourism industries from countries that have demonstrated capacity to develop a comprehensive set of employment indicators. This publication is a joint project by the International Labour Organization ( ILO ) and UNWTO.»

Source : OMT