À LIRE: Guest Loyalty is Not Dead – It’s Just Really Boring

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Let’s talk about loyalty. We write songs about it; we study it; we try to identify it in friends, potential suitors, colleagues, and customers – loyalty is an omnipresent force in our lives, whether it exists in abundance or, in some cases, is perceivably lacking. Specifically, loyalty has gleaned no shortage of attention over the last few years in the business world. Across industries, marketers and business owners find themselves ruminating over the same question – is loyalty dead? Are modern customers incapable of exhibiting loyalty to the brands they purchase from? If not, why does customer loyalty feel increasingly elusive, if not entirely absent from the marketplace?

The inconvenient truth our industry needs to come to grips with is this: loyalty isn’t dead… it’s just really boring, and the way we’ve been doing it is no longer working.

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