2018's typical Millennial travel habits by Lily Charron

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Seeking for the newest technologies and hot destinations are the famous Generation Y. This generation of young adults basically work to travel and are dying to visit the entire world before they even retire! Known also as millennials, these individuals are part of today’s top targeted market and are the most active travellers among all generations. Generation Y’s particular travel trends are distinctive and definitely come in handy when studying different strategies to attract these picky travellers.

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Millennials are searching for uncommon destinations where they have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience. They are eager to find the most exclusive experiences that suit all their needs and desires. Learning and gaining knowledge during their travels is also something very important to these individuals. Returning from a vacation and having learned from the culture of the destination is very important. Millennials strive to find the hidden gems of a region and are surely going to research about it before leaving. They crave to have a trip planned specifically for them and to experience something different every time.

Getting far out of their comfort zone is what millennials are focusing on when travelling. Going on an adventure to a totally different destination and exploring new cultures is part their plan when wanting to step out of the usual. Sharing and familiarizing themselves with the locals is a must for this generation. Taking a different experience and actually living exactly as the locals do is another part of doing something completely different and uncommon. For every trip, trying something new is always in the back of their mind.

Ecotourism captivates the attention of millennials. This generation is very informed about the different ways of sustainable travel and ecotourism is a key factor to gain their interest. An experience related to environmental awareness will undeniably get millennials onboard. Proudly interested in making a difference for the environment, this generation is an immediate candidate for volunteering. Thus, “Voluntourism” is a growing trend, which consists of millennials who have the desire to help worldwide communities and to build sustainable tourism awareness. Generation Y’s are very environmentally cautious travellers and are constantly on the lookout for opportunities of sustainable travel.

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Surfing the web is one of the millennial’s top hobbies, including navigating through social media platforms and building their personalized independent trips. The web is currently one of the most influential factors that will affect a millennial’s decision of booking or not. Generation Y will base their travel arrangements on what they obtained online and can conduct their deep research for a lasting period before making final decisions. Furthermore, the use of Smartphones is very prominent and so Mobile Friendly travel websites are very appreciated by these individuals. Utilizing online platforms is the quickest way for millennials to settle their travel plans and it is the best way to book, no matter when.

Authenticity is passionately cherished by most millennials, which brings us to the trendy “authentic travel”. To experience precisely how the locals live in certain destinations is a privilege to millennials. This specific generation loves to put themselves in the local’s shoes, to eat the way they do and to feel truly as a local. To millennials, it is very beneficial for their general understanding of other cultures and they believe in the importance of experiencing different lifestyles in other countries.

When choosing accommodations, millennials are very critical and desire specific features. Obviously, technology is a big factor. Unlimited Wi-Fi, electronic devices in rooms, controlled devices through Smartphones are examples of elements that these individuals are looking for. The option of an app for hotels is important and easy bookings are essential to Generation Y. Besides technology, these travellers are seeking traditional hotel designs that reflect the local culture in destinations to portray a more emotional experience. Additionally, a vast number of collaborative spaces with cosy and casual layouts are very appreciated by millennials. Sustainable and well-being options are also meaningful to these travellers. For example, an organic snack bar and yoga sessions.

Satisfying the needs of Generation Y is highly particular. They are travellers who need an uncommon and original experience as the highlight of their trips. Their tech-savvy talent pushes the travel industry to be on point regarding social media platforms and applications. The opportunities of ecotourism are in their zone of interest and they are willing to volunteer across the globe. Hence, authentic experiences are trending for Generation Y. So far, technological features are a plus for their accommodation options and they appreciate the traditional and comfy hotel designs. As the most active travellers, they are the significant generation to target in the travel industry. Globally, Generation Y will unquestionably frame the future of the tourism industry.

Lily Charron
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