8 Qualities of Top Performing Hotel Call Center Agents

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Hotels in 2021 have a lot of catching up to do. 2020 and the first half of 2021 presented the hospitality industry with a whirlwind of challenges that still linger today.

The road to recovery is just ahead, and many hotels are starting to rethink their sales strategies going forward. The events of 2020 forever changed the way we travel. Traveler’s want hospitality delivered on their terms, and it is up to hotels to pivot to meet those needs.

One way hotels are rising to the occasion and meeting the needs of travelers is by utilizing a professional hotel call center to man the lines in their reservation department. Not all call centers are created equal.

So, how do you know if a hotel call center has what it takes to increase your reservations and boost revenue? To find out what to look for in a hotel call center, continue reading below for 8 Qualities of Top Performing Hotel Call Center Agents.


Over the last year and a half, there has been a sharp uptick in direct bookings. To be exact, in 2020, direct bookings accounted for 47% of worldwide bookings. So far, in 2021, direct bookings account for 44% of all bookings. So, why the increase in direct channel bookings?

After all the uncertainty of the last year, travelers are craving genuine hospitality and hands-on reassurance about safety measures taken by hotels. It’s also possible that OTAs are becoming overwhelmingly saturated with too many paid ads and misleading information.

According to Doug Kennedy, President of the Kennedy Training Network (KTN), “in an increasingly digital world, a personal touch goes a long way. A friendly, helpful, and informative voice on the other end of the line is just what it takes to turn a curious caller into a new guest and to set the tone for an in-house experience that results in a repeat guests for years to come.”


A properly trained call center agent (like those trained by the KTN) takes the time to learn and honor your brand equity, inside and out.

The best hotel call center agents train to become experts in your hotel so that they can sell reservations using your hotel’s unique features. A top-performing call center agent will highlight your properties best features, whether those unique features are your property's location, its business amenities, or its rewards program.

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Source: Hospitalitynet