What meeting planners want: Speed, service, variety...

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What meeting planners want from a hotel is a swift and hassle-free booking process, and personalized and unique experiences for their groups.

More and more, they’re finding this at smaller hotels, according to sales executives on the “Group hugs: Let’s talk meetings” session at the recent Hotel Data Conference.

Meeting planners feel like if the hotel’s too big, “it’s not personal enough,” said Leticia Proctor, SVP of sales, revenue management and digital strategies at PM Hotel Group. “So it’s important when you have those big-box hotels to create a hotel-within-a-hotel concept… because you don’t want to lose that layer of business.”

Proctor cited research from The Knowland Group that shows a 10% increase from 2015 to 2017 in group meetings bookings by some corporate sub-segments — for example, urban infrastructure — at hotels with less meeting space.

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