The Death of Luxury, the Rise of Transformational Experiences

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The highest priced tranche of resorts and hotels find themselves at an inflexion point that will dramatically transform how we talk about the properties, how they are marketed, and - ultimately - what guests experience in them.

This is a revolution.

You need to join it, or get left behind.

Out is marketing hinged on sheet thread count, pricey toiletries, lovely lobby floral arrangements, and similar. All of that remains in the properties - of course. It's all good. Upscale guests have similar at home and they expect it where they travel.

That's key though. It is expected. It does not dazzle or thrill. It just is. It closes no sales. None.

Certainly, most high-end resorts have moved beyond marketing by thread count - but many seem stuck in uncertainty about exactly what makes them special.

The very word "luxury" has plummeted into a fog of meaninglessness. It is table stakes - and it is not a closing concept. It is so overused, many guests just cynically ignore it. Rightly so. Hotelier "luxury" just isn't what they want today.

What guests now want are experiences that matter to them.

Read that sentence carefully and note the last two words: to them.

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Source: Hospitality Net