Why Microservices are the Future for Hotel and Travel Technology

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It’s often said that the only constant in the technology industry is change. As businesses and industries evolve and adapt to user demands, the software that powers their internal and external processes must also evolve. Microservices are one of the architectural trends which more and more organizations are adopting. Many enterprise companies like Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, Uber, Airbnb, and essentially every other digital business have moved away from monolithic architectures and migrated over to this microservice approach.

According to Market Research Future, the market is increasing at a CAGR of 17%, putting it on pace to reach $33 billion by 2023. However, in certain industries, continued reliance on legacy technology and outdated systems can obstruct the path to necessary technological innovation. This has emerged as a prevalent theme across the hospitality realm as hotel, and travel brands often struggle to scale and grow in tandem with guest and staff demands due to the limitations of their existing infrastructure. Oftentimes, legacy platforms are unable to seamlessly integrate with other applications or offer system updates that effectively address the full suite of needs that a growing hotel or travel brand has and will continue to have. Fortunately, this is where microservices, and APS (Above Property Services) come in.

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