The Future Of Independent Hotels

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As travel has slowly returned to normal, it’s clear that we are on the brink of an enormous travel boom. Of all the recent travel trends that have emerged, one is particularly promising for independent hotel owners, and that is that more and more travelers are straying away from hotel chains.

Travelers in 2021 no longer want the same travel experiences as their friends and neighbors. They want a unique vacation handcrafted for their trip. Travelers are moving away from large chain resorts and towards individually owned and operated hotels. The trend of seeking out irreplaceable experiences and doing away with cookie-cutter trips has seeped into every aspect of travel from planning onward.


Today, independent hotels make up nearly 40% of the marketplace, but are becoming increasingly in vogue. What’s apparent is that independent hotels are more likely to offer novel experiences.

As small businesses, independent hotels are built around the concepts of passion and service. Many independent hotels are the products of a single person’s hard work and passion, and that is reflected in the quality of service and reputation at those properties. As hard as larger hotel chains try, they will never be able to replicate authentic passion.

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Source: Hospitalitynet