À LIRE: The Top 5 Questions Your Reservations Team Should Be Asking In 2022!

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What can reservations sales agents do that no website, computer-generated IVR voice, or chatbot do? Through the magic of satellites and transmission towers, we can touch the hearts of strangers. Have you ever had that warm, fuzzy feeling around your heart area after having an especially heartfelt conversation reservations caller? Guess what, they are feeling it too.

By asking the right questions, we can start conversations that enable these uniquely human engagements.

Chances are that your hotel, resort, or call center already has a list of call standards in place that includes a few traditional questions. At KTN we call these call standards the “call flow” model. Following are five new and/or updated QUESTions we should be asking as part of our QUEST to be the BEST!

Instead of this: Have you stayed with us before?
Ask this: "Have you stayed with us before or did anything online catch your eye?"

This question helps you obtain two important details. When callers have stayed before you can probably look them up in your guest history, and in all likelihood they will want to rebook the same accommodation. If they have not stayed, you will know they need help in selecting. Additionally, by asking if anything online caught their eye, you will determine where they are in their decision making process. Perhaps they have seen something online but have a question or they just need some reassurance. Perhaps the option they want is sold-out and they need alternatives. Or perhaps they are simply overwhelmed by the number of choices

Instead of this: What brings you to the area?
Ask this: "Is there anything special I can help you plan during your visit?"

The first example listed above is the traditional way we have always determined the purpose of travel, which is important for hotels that are holding blocks of rooms for groups and events, but it also helped determine what features to describe and sell.

The new version is a better conversation starter that positions yourself as being a helpful travel planner who can do more than some OTA website, chatbot, or a generic call center agent reading a script. Plus, if a special occasion is mentioned, it may prompt you to upsell to a higher-rated accommodation type.

Finally, if you work at a hotel or resort that offers amenities and services for add-on fees, this will help open the door for you to discuss and therefore cross-sell those services. Examples might include transportation, dining options, golf or ski packages, or in-room amenities upon arrival.

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