The Top Five Trends to Watch in the Chinese Market

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Of Chinese travelers, David Becker, CEO of Attract China, cautioned delegates to NAJ’s recent Active America China Summit in Atlanta to "stop thinking about them as walking dollar signs", urging travel sellers and DMOs to be aware of the different segments within the overall Chinese markets, as well as the importance of the overall travel experience to the Chinese consumer.

Becker’s caution came at the end of 20 minutes in which he walked delegates through a compact presentation in which he outlined the Top Five Trends to Watch in the Chinese Market.

He prefaced his remarks with a quick sketch of China’s economic health. Right now, he said, people in China have moved beyond a state away from working to provide themselves with basic essentials and are inhabitants of a fast growth economy in which a surge in a car culture is boosting the urge to travel and the nation is going through a period of modernization. (U.S. travel sellers should take note: modernization does not mean "westernization".) Growth of the travel experience "is coming at an incredible place", with all demographic groups making multiple trips yearly.

Against the backdrop above, Becker outlined the Top 5 Trends.

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