Should You Start Putting Rooms On Airbnb?

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One of the hallmarks of the early 21st century that we are currently will be the gradual shift away from a traditional, corporate-based model of capitalism to a crowd-based one. We're seeing this with the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and we're seeing this in the travel industry with global, billion-dollar entities like Airbnb. While legislation will help to level the playing field so hotels have a fighting chance, it will be impossible to reverse this overarching trend.

And so, as the question in the title of this article implies, you cannot wait for policymakers in your territory to solve this problem for you. Instead, you must embrace opportunities in this era of disruption by integrating the exceptional qualities of these alternate lodging providers into your core operations. In other words, if you can't beat them, join them.

Indeed, we are already seeing this transpire with, for instance, Accor's purchase of in May 2016. Having only recently experienced this luxury short-term rental website for an upcoming family vacation in Tuscany, I can say that there is much hoteliers can learn. Moreover, it prompted me to ask, "What triggers trial of alternate lodging providers?" which also happens to be a great place to start when trying to figure out what you can improve.

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