New Research Report: A deep Dive into TripAdvisor's Competitive Position in Travel 2017

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Building on our 2016 report, we've analyzed TripAdvisor’s positioning within the broader context of online travel and the various segments that the company competes in. 

We look at the company’s historic and projected financial performance and align that with recent product and technology releases and developments in hotel distribution including metasearch and facilitated bookings, tours and activities and vacation rentals. We also pull accounts from interviews with industry experts, and Stephen Kaufer himself, to offer unique perspective on the various industry segments and whether TripAdvisor will remain competitive in the longer-term.

How TripAdvisor performs in the months and years to come will likely tell us a lot about the future of online travel.

This report will cover:  

  • Specifics on TripAdvisor’s business model across the different travel segments
  • TripAdvisor’s China strategy and its growth prospects outside of Europe and the U.S.
  • TripAdvisor’s strategic positioning against the big OTAs including Priceline and Expedia
  • The state of TripAdvisor’s tours and activities business relative to Airbnb and Expedia
  • Reference historic financial data and different revenue scenarios and projections
  • How the non-hotel segment of the business could grow/decline relative to hotels
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the TripAdvisor brand relative to its competitors

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Source: Skift