Adding up Facebook's Competitive Advantages in Travel

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Retargeting is perhaps the most important part of the advertising puzzle for the Facebook platform. For instance, if a person is searching on Expedia for flights to London on April 3 to attend the Skift Forum Europe, but does not book anything, hotels can still advertise to that person when they open up the Facebook app or use the website version. The attractiveness here is three-fold for the hotel.

First, a hotel can target an ad at someone it knows is actually highly interested in visiting that destination on a specific date.

Second, the cost to run that ad will be lower than broader mass targeted ads (television, print).

Third, the conversion should be higher than other formats given the specificity and relevance of the audience.

More simplistically, hotels can also retarget people visiting their own website.

Cross-Device Capabilities: A typical path for a vacation booking would be as follows:

  • After the background search on Google about what destination to choose, a person will typically check flights.
  • In this example, we assume the search was done on a browser.
  • As long as Facebook log-in information is saved in the background and the travel site partners in any way with Facebook, Facebook can capture the search activity; a person does not have to physically log in on each search.
  • Most of us do not book the trip on the first stage of flight research. We’ll often gauge pricing of a few destinations and talk to our family or friends or significant others about the results. Days may pass before we go back and look to book a trip...

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